I am starting to get to the point that I regret meeting you. You changed my life and then you ripped my heart apart. I know in your heart you didnt want it to end the way it did. But now not two months later are you completely numb to the past. Like it never meant anything to you..

All I ever want to do is fuck him until I can’t walk anymore


u think i am walking around the house with a blanket around my shoulders because i cold but in actuality it is my cloak and i am on an adventure

I want to pretend like I am going to be all fine and dandy with this but i know part of me is not. It is off the table forever and that is something I actually asked for. I had a small feeling of relief when he said it. Doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t still want him. Dane made me feel whole and well special, he showed me parts of myself I never knew existed. He always has pushed me to work on my art and has always been there when I was having trouble. We are going to stay friends and I think its for the best no matter how much it hurts at the moment or will continue to hurt. He was my best friend before all of this ans hopefully we can still be best friends for a long time. I will always love him and he knows that, seems to be the hardest part.


Videogame Characters Invade the World Cup [VIDEO]

Let’s hope FIFA nerfs Germany in time for the next update.

To see Canal Nostalgia's video, click here!

Trying not care about him is like ripping a part of my leg off..

There is no forgetting, as the days go by I find more ways to love you. I try to keep you off my mind, my heart floods me with thoughts of you. I tried to find things I didnt like, I came up with four. I love you to my deepest depths and its nothing I could have been prepared for. We were just supposed to be friends. I cant get you out of my head. Sometimes I wish I could be so angry with you that I didnt want you around. The more I try to hate you the more I realize I truly love you.

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